1986 - 2016 manufactured by Adolf Kuhner AG, Birsfelden, Switzerland

Data Acquisition and Control system

New Version Sipcon 3

The conventional temperature controllers as well as the multiple channel chart recorders can be replaced by the Sipcon 3 data acquisition and control system.

Up to 4 different test equipment can be run simultaneously while recording the respective temperatures and pressures of the substance.
For processing and storing, data are transmitted to a standard personal computer. Results can be displayed and printed numerically and graphically.
The software on the personal computer contains a wealth of functions to evaluate the test results.
Sipcon itself contains no manual control elements and is intended to be operated right beside the test apparatus, the sensors being directly connected to it.


One Sipcon 3 controls simultaneously and fully independent a Mini-Autoclave-, Grewer-, Lütolf- and BAM-furnace.


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Development and Software

Production and Distribution